Law Firm Marketing Trends: How to Market your Legal Practice Online

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According to information in a recent RTI application to the Bar Council of India (BCI), India has a total of 1.3 million lawyers with an average annual growth rate between 2007 and 2011 of around 4%.

That’s quite a number! With the growing number of lawyers and law firms in the market, it’s becoming harder to acquire clients, serve and retain them, and there’s fiercer competition for the best and the brightest new talent.

Most legal practitioners and law firms have now started focusing on business development, looking for new ways to generate leads – a term that remained unknown to the legal fraternity until recently!

With the use of the internet for judgment research and court websites becoming more user-friendly, lawyers are no more the uninitiated – what stops you from using the internet for procuring clients, then? As per our industry knowledge and expertise in both legal as well as the marketing industry, the answer is rather apparent – marketing has never been a strong suit for lawyers! Digital marketing – seems to be even more of an obstacle – which is why Ultra Wired was born!

You must be wondering – What is “legal marketing”? Do I really need to build an online presence when lawyers haven’t in the past?

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Simply put, Legal Marketing is marketing your legal expertise online. By doing this, you’re accomplishing two things: you’re putting yourself out there for both potential new clients and new talent.

The major challenge for most entities is brand building and beating the competition to be seen as a trusted source of information, with enough expertise to deal with legal issues!

If you’ve ever found yourself asking “How do I get new clients for my law firm?” or “How do I project myself as an expert in a particular field?” UltraWired is here to save the day!

Legal marketing follows the same rules as marketing for any other industry – know the service, know the customer and know how it will sell! Due to the complexities that are inherent to the legal domain, most marketing professionals fail to successfully market a legal service or even a legal product.

The gap between legal professionals and marketing gurus and their lack of understanding of the other’s expertise – resulted in UltraWired’s birth!

There are five key legal marketing trends you need to incorporate, that will help you attract and convert new clients as well as outperform and outrank competing law firms and professionals. They are:

  1. Create an online presence, make a profile online;
  2. Turn your law firm’s website into a 24/7 sales representative
  3. Invest in content creation, content marketing and SEO
  4. Expand your online footprint beyond your website with video marketing, PPC, social media, and local SEO
  5. Attend events and increase your visibility


Let’s go through each marketing trend and the individual tactics you can use to leverage it. Team UltraWired is just a call away to help you understand the trends and execute them for you to get the best results for your Legal practice!

 1- Create an online presence, make a profile online:

The first thing you do when you enter the legal profession, or any profession for that matter, is design and print a visiting card with your details on it to share it with prospect clients, friends, relatives, acquaintances, almost anyone and everyone you meet – hoping one day they might need legal help, dig their wallets looking for your contact number – and call you for a representation or even an opinion!

With around 400 million internet users in India alone – why would the eager professional in you leave the chance of building an identity and introducing yourself to the lot?


At UltraWired, we build domain-specific websites customized for lawyers as well as law firms. Our expert team ensures that your website has both a seamless user experience as well as curated domain-specific content.

We ensure that your presence is reflected through meaningful and knowledgeable content on relevant topics and is curated by industry experts.

Your website will be designed and created by professionals who have experience in both technologies as well as are quintessential marketeers! We create your individual as well as law firm profile, complete with SEO optimization to make you searchable for relevant queries.

2- Turn your law firm’s website into a 24/7 sales representative:

Once your website is live, UltraWired’s expertise and help don’t stop there – We can also help you build content regularly on your website, which will, in turn, be helpful in generating leads and connecting you to the right people looking for your service!

Your website becomes your consistent online Sales representative, 24/7 without any time and effort being invested by you or your team!

3- Invest in content creation, content marketing, and SEO

We cannot possibly explain how important quality content is for marketing yourself, your legal knowledge and your expertise! While other industries can make do with photos and may manage to market themselves successfully without serious content, Legal happens to be an industry where information dissemination is the best way to create and leave an impact and establish expertise!


At UltraWired we have dedicated lawyers and legal professionals who curate and create content for various domains ensuring that your reputation is steadily built with quality content that is curate keeping in mind recent topics, ongoing debates, highly searched queries, etc.

4- Expand your online footprint beyond your website with video marketing, PPC, social media, and local SEO

We also create your social media profile on relevant portals, depending upon your expertise and keep an updated profile, ensuring you get leads which turn into clients! With growing number of Social Media platforms, it’s important to know which platform to spend how much time and resource on, what kind of content to market where – and we do exactly that for you and more.

For instance, it makes little sense for a Mergers & Acquisitions lawyer/law firm to spend too much time on Facebook trying to post serious content, but for them, LinkedIn could be a great platform! In the meanwhile, a trademark or a patent lead could be generated through Facebook as well as LinkedIn!

Our experts also script content and help you create videos for video marketing where you can make informative videos to impact content and information to individuals seeking clarity and information;

5- Attend events and increase your visibility

While we’re strong supporters and promoters of Digital presence and online marketing and will debate it’s benefits and pros to no limit, we also do believe that PR cannot be done away with! Building a reputation is best done by ensuring you’re present at the right place, at the right time, speaking about the things you know!


We understand that keeping a calendar with upcoming dates is hassle enough and hence, don’t expect you to remember event dates and visit them all on your own! We’ve built a strong rapport with legal professionals, law colleges & institutes, legal journalists, PR agents, event organizers, etc. and ensure that no event in the country and even around the world goes unnoticed! We can get you speaker slots, invited as judges, panelists, etc. in your choice of events!


The question to ask yourself is whether you want your law firm to have every chance of success? Know that whether it is marketing for small law firms or large, team UltraWired can give you invaluable support and seamless service!

Contact us today and let’s develop a plan to grow your practice.

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