Law Firm SEO India, Legal SEO — Easy, Actionable Tips and Strategies

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Do Law firms in India need SEO? Is It within Bar council Guidelines to perform legal SEO?–Everything you need to know

Before we answer the question, let us start by explaining what SEO or Search engine optimization means. Put simply, SEO is a practice of increasing the traffic to your law firms’ website by using unpaid or organic means.


You understand the relevance of a website for your law firm and you make one using the Best website design, back it up with engaging content, you make sure you check all the boxes with well-placed call to action buttons, clearly visible areas of expertise, well-defined partner profiles and a resonating digital footprint of your Law firms impressive PR activities, now that’s a job well done, right?

WELL, all this effort building the perfect website for your law firm will go down the drain unless you gain visitors for your website—93% of online experiences begin with a search engine such as Google. Hence, the only way your website gets traffic is if you rank on page 1 of Google search results.

With India taking major steps towards digitization, already 75% of people who find themselves in the midst of a legal concern, trust Google for a solution and 98% of these searches are directed to Law Firm/Legal websites that practice SEO and have taken the pain to answer these user’s queries.

With a total search volume already reaching 50,000+ per day, a number that will increase tremendously over the next 3 years, law firms with a well-planned SEO strategy can end up generating hundreds of leads every day.

Still on the fence around your law firms SEO requirements or how relevant it would be in the Indian legal market? Here are a few SEO Statistics to ponder upon:

  • 90% of consumers in India (from metro cities) use the internet when researching local services, 75% of these users contact a local business that fits their requirements and up to 50% of these users meet these businesses on the same day.
  • 98% of Google users choose a business that is on page 1 of the results they get. Marketers say–

And, It might be increasingly difficult to prevent your business from becoming the metaphorical Dead Body in the near future without a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Now that you understand the relevance of law firm SEO, please note that attorneys need to be extra careful about representing their law firms online in order to avoid stiff penalties from state bar associations, for violating ethics and advertising guidelines.

Below are our top 6 actionable tips to create an online brand and make sure your law firm website consistently appears on page 1 of Google search results:

Develop a Keyword Strategy for your legal practice

Knowing what “keywords” you wish to rank for is the first step towards your Law firms SEO optimization. It might be a good idea to rank for actionable keywords that highlight intent to purchase or indicate that the searcher is ready to sign up for the legal service in question.

These terms should also have a decent search volume. For example, “Divorce Lawyers in High court” might have a higher search volume when compared to “Divorce attorneys in High court”

Here are a few other keywords you might want to rank for if you are a family lawyer in the High court:


The key is to identify what people are typing into search engines or what information they are looking for and align your content accordingly.

Carefully draft your Title and Meta Description Tags

Your title and meta description tags are used by Google when displaying your website or specific website articles and blog posts on their search page.

They end up being the first impression for a potential visitor to your website and they use this content to better evaluate if their query would be addressed once they do click through to your website. This is how your Meta information shows on the Google search results page–


As a good to have practice, try and incorporate keywords relevant to the webpage into your tags whilst making sure that you do not overstuff keywords- make sure there is a natural flow to the content. Also, Try and limit the Title to 60 characters and the Meta Description to 200 characters.

Analyze competitive law firms SEO strategy

Keeping a check on your competitive Law Firms SEO strategy will help you better identify and prioritize your actions towards ranking better on Google search results.

The only way to succeed at SEO is by identifying what works and what doesn’t and constantly optimize.

For instance, the law firm in the above example would want to search for “Divorce lawyers in High court” on Google, carefully evaluate the search result page and analyze each competing website individually- specifically be on the lookout for their Website Design, Content and the Backlinks they generate.

You need to understand what it is that they are doing right, what works for them and then find a way to do it better.

Setup a Google Business page for your Law firm

Your Law firms’ Google my business page is the backbone to your local SEO efforts– more on this below, once listed you can optimize your Google business page by adding a detailed description to your Law Firm and update other relevant information such as address, working hours, photographs and contact information.


Importance of Local SEO for Law Firms—Get your Legal practice on the Map

Quite literally, Google maps we mean. Google is fixated on making it easier for their clients to find suitable businesses and we are fixated on making sure that your law firm gains the most eyeballs on local searches that’s where the Google Pack comes in.

Put simply, you want to be on the top 3 positions for all local searches in your area that fall under your domain or area of expertise as only the top 3 listings are displayed for such searches, this is what Google would show if a potential client was to search for “criminal lawyers near me”-


They’ve hooked up citation information to track where each business is, linked that to a map with a pin for their exact location and coupled that with all relevant information around your Law Firms Practice such as contact, operating hours, customer reviews etc.

Being one of the law firms that show on the first page for such searches can drive significant traffic to your website and increase the number of potential inbound leads via phone calls and walk-ins—consider it to be an amped up version of the yellow pages with all relevant information at one place.

Generate online client reviews

A law firms’ business listing will rank better and grab more attention if it has positive Google reviews posted online. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

See below how Law firms with Google reviews stand out in local search results-



India is the 2nd most populated country in the world and is expected to be the most populated country by as early as 2024, this means the biggest potential market for any knowledge-based service within the next 6 years, and this market has just begun taking its first steps towards Digitization.

The majority of your customers will be online 2-3 years from now and not being able to align your Online Brand Development activities accordingly could potentially drive you out of business.

Building a brand that resonates with your potential clients has to be an integral part of your Law firms SEO strategy.

Have any questions about your SEO strategy? OR Do you want to engage online pundits to manage your SEO campaigns? Reach out to us for a free SEO analysis from one of our experts.


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