Legal Content Marketing|Inbound Marketing|4 Easy, Actionable Tips

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Is content marketing the right strategy for you?? Does Content really work in the Indian Legal market?? 4 Easy Do’s and Dont’s to make sure your content draws major attention towards your brand

The Internet revolutionized the way people consume and seek information, in other words, the Digital revolution of the 1990s marked the beginning of the information era, and Today, It has made it ever so easier for people to gain knowledge and research on products and services.

Although, Content has always been the Backbone behind every marketing strategy it plays an even more important role in the information age.

Unlike advertising, Content Marketing is about engaging with your potential clients without direct Selling.

Let’s see if the below flowchart is what your companies usual sales cycle looks like—

content 1

The process usually takes a few months and you end up realizing that you are in a price-war with 2 or more of your competitors and there is nothing that sets you apart from them in your client’s eyes.

That’s where building an online brand comes in handy, If you have ever wondered why the big 5 Law Firms in your country can charge whatever they want, give decent service and maintain customer loyalty it’s because they have a brand that people trust and resonate with.

Which brings us to the all-important question of why your Law-firm needs to practice Content Marketing??

Let’s face it, the traditional sales cycle is a rat race if you are at the right place at the right time or if you have a close acquaintance who can vouch for your practice you will most likely gain some business but such a strategy will never help you scale or lend any credibility to your practice.

Now, imagine what your sales cycle would look like if you generate more inbound leads then you can possibly handle.

content 2

Generating these easy to convert inbound leads is a by-product of creating a brand, which entails the following—

1-Search engine optimizationTop two factors that affect your search engine rankings are Content quality and Backlinks

2-Events and PR activitiesMore than the story itself the way the content is put forth is considered to be more important be it Video, Podcasts OR Blogs, presentable content generation, and distribution will keep your practice in the limelight

3-Website design and developmentIt is well known that the quality of content on your website directly affects your websites bounce rate

4-Give best in class service and generate referrals– Although all the above factors can help position you for success there is no better strategy then Word of mouth and client reviews.

You see how content is the underlying force behind everything you can possibly think or do in order to generate more business online for your practice.

It does not only help highlight your expertise in particular areas of your legal practice but also helps you win the trust of your potential clients and position your firm as the pioneers in such practice areas.

It’s been found that inbound marketing approaches like content marketing can help companies save 3-5 Lakhs in marketing expenses every month.

Before we get into the perfect Content strategy for your law-firm let’s understand the different types of content that you can exploit—


When informative content is shared through a business blog, you inevitably come across as an industry expert. Quality, useful content will not only keep visitors returning to your website blog but will also convert these readers to clients.

content 3

Blogs allow people to access valuable information for free, allowing your business to build trust among its audience and in-turn breaking the buyer-seller wall.


If combined with well-written content, Infographics can be a powerful tool to help your content cut through the information jungle and leave a lasting impression on your potential clients.

With the internet being overloaded with content and with new content being created every day, Infographics can help you stand out from the crowd and grab your target customer attention and interest.


Compared to written and video content, Audio content is more accessible for users which can be consumed whilst driving or exercising, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

content 4

Podcasts can be used to attract the ideal buyer using niche themes and establish your authority in the industry by discussing relevant topics.


Content marketing shows up in a variety of places including videos, blogs, infographics, print media etc. Regardless, of the different media channels, its critical that your website acts as a centerpiece where the content is published and the traffic is directed.


content 5

Videos are definitely the most engaging medium for a mass audience, If done right they have a tendency to go viral and can bring some major attention to your brand

Videos are widely considered to be the easiest way to consume quality content by a majority of your customers, so much so that YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the Internet.


Writing a book or being a part of a publication is by far the best way to establish credibility and trust in the eyes of your potential clients, even more so in the highly competitive legal industry.

Being part of such publications immediately positions you and your practice in the limelight and helps boost both your online presence and Business referrals.

End of the day, your focus should be to build and engage a relevant audience to whatever content you publish. Content marketing might not give you immediate results but with time you will realize there is no better way to market yourselves in today’s cutthroat legal market.

The Benefits of Content Marketing on SEO

There are many tasks you can do to improve SEO, but, nothing comes close to the impact of content marketing on your website’s SEO power.

And it makes perfect sense. Content, simply put, is just information.

Google aims to match the highest quality, most relevant information with the search queries of their users — but if you’re not creating content sharing this information, you have no chance of ranking and getting found for it.

content 6

More content equals more keywords, meaning you have more opportunities to rank in Google.

This is why keyword research is essential for successful content marketing.

The other major factor in SEO is getting backlinks. When other websites link to your site, Google views you as a respected authority and bumps it up in the rankings.

What’s the easiest way to get backlinks? You guessed it — Produce great content that educates and entertains and that people want to link to and share.

Lastly, Google favors websites and resources that are updated consistently. So, when you publish content regularly, your website will likely rank significantly higher.

On the other hand, if you stop producing content, Google will assume your website is out-of-date and stale, so it’ll drop your rank to avoid sending people to mediocre content.

 Content Marketing in Public Relations

The internet has shattered barriers that once prevented businesses from reaching their target customers.

In the past, getting featured on TV was difficult or expensive — now you can upload a video to YouTube or Facebook and reach millions of people for free.

content 7.png

The same thing goes for making an announcement. You don’t need a publicist to communicate with your customers and fans.

Blog posts have replaced press releases. Facebook Live has replaced the traditional press conference. Everything you need for PR is right at your fingertips, and it’s mostly free!

 Good to have practices

So you understand the importance of Content Marketing and what it can do for your business, but do you have an effective strategy behind your marketing efforts?? By following the below best practices, we can help you get started on your quest to build quality content and a relevant audience.

Create Content worth reading

Seems rather obvious, but is also the area where marketers struggle the most. Your intent with content creation should not only be to answer the questions your target audience might have But to also structure the content in such a way that a reader would stay engaged throughout.

content 8

Legal content need not be boring. In fact, studies have shown that people have a natural urge to discover the legalities around many significant aspects of their lives and/or business. If your content addresses the right concerns and is structured well you can quickly build an active audience.

Publish on a regular cadence

Why do TV shows, podcasts, and radio programs and websites release content on a consistent schedule? Their readers, viewers, and listeners have expectations that must be met if content producers expect to hold the audience’s attention.

Even if you’re producing high-quality content, if you’re doing so sporadically then you’ll be out of sight and soon out of mind. In addition, by producing high quantities of high-quality content, you’ll have a body of work for Google to judge you by as its algorithm tries to determine if your site is an authoritative one.

Create a buyer persona

General content pieces are fine, but you’ll also need to create specific content that’s aimed at a particular type of client. For example, if you operate as a criminal lawyer, write content that’s targeted at an individual looking for help with a DUI case. You can share case studies or answer some of the concerns that people with DUI charges might have.

content 9

Creating buyer personas is a proven strategy that up to 73% of B2C marketers are using in their content marketing. Try to write in the language that the client understands and identify their top concerns. Therefore, the client is educated on the process before the client takes the step of getting on the phone to inquire about your services.

Know your goal and devise a strategy

This includes your law firm’s marketing intent mission statement and brand story. What can your firm bring to the table that other firms might lack? Knowing your goals can allow your firm to align the marketing content with the overarching mission.

As soon as your mission statement is established, begin to align it with your goals in a complete flow chart. The most important part of the strategy is incorporating your entire team and ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of their tasks.

There is a good chance that two types of content though produced with similar intent and written with the same quality and structure perform very differently on the Internet.

Although, there can be a number of reasons for a particular piece of content to perform badly, here are our top 4 that you should be avoiding to give your content the best chance to go viral.

Mistakes to avoid

No Social Sharing

Having NO social sharing options on your content is equivalent to asking your clients NOT to refer your business to anyone else, you want to make it as easy as is humanly possible for your readers to share your content.

content 10

Social share buttons not only improve the user experience, but they ultimately contribute to your brand’s level of exposure. All it takes is one social share to open your content up to a new reader, who may then share it with their following, who could then tweet it out to their audience, who.. well, you get the point.

Unclear Titles

The title of your content often serves as the first line of communication between a customer and your brand.

If you’re looking for a way to format your titles to ensure they receive the attention they deserve, consider revisiting your website’s analytics. By looking back on titles that performed well in the past, you will uncover information that can be used to form future titles.

Not knowing your Target Audience

Not targeting your content towards a particular audience is equivalent to driving without a destination in mind, you need to understand how your potential client thinks and the problems they face and then come up with relevant topics to create amazing content on.

Ask yourself these questions about your readers:

  • What is their age range?
  • What are the common problems they face?
  • What is their job title?
  • What is their financial status?
  • Their education level?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their areas of Interest?

Missing a call-to-action(CTA)

Many marketers fail to add relevant call-to-actions, there is no better way to guide people to other relevant pages of your website and give them information on the services you offer or your areas of expertise.

content 11

Consider placing a CTA:

  • On your blog
  • In your email messages
  • On your Facebook page
  • Within your eBooks and webinars
  • On relevant website pages
  • Within your email signature



I know that was a lot to take in and you might feel a bit overwhelmed at this point.

All you have to worry about for now is mastering the fundamentals of content marketing — you can always refer back to this article for guidance.

Essentially, content marketing can be successfully implemented by completing the following tasks:

  • Form a loose strategy with your team for how content marketing fits into your overall marketing mix
  • Get to know your buyer personas or target audience
  • Decide which types of content will best serve your market and create high-quality content on a regular basis
  • Promote your content through social media
  • Leverage content marketing at all stages of the buying cycle
  • Find ways to involve your customers in your content marketing with user-generated content
  • Measure, test, improve and repeat

Have any questions regarding your content strategy? OR Do you want to engage content gurus to manage your marketing campaigns? Reach out to us for a free content analysis from one of our experts.


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