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7 Easy, Tips to create the perfect website for your Law Firm

Gone are the days where a few simple details about your law firm combined with some random gavels or Scales of justice pictures off of Google would make a compelling website.

In today’s Indian legal market, increasing competition and commoditization of legal services has put a lot of pressure on law firms to create a brand and stand out from the crowd.

Indian law firms need to embrace this online world and leverage the concepts of brand building, digital marketing, social media, and mobile engagement, and a compelling website design is the anchor of your brand building efforts.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of a website for your law firm. Hence we want you to do it right.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure you design a website worthy of representing your law firm:

Engaging content

The truth is that people rarely read websites, don’t get us wrong. Your content is important but most of the times your potential clients would just skim through it to determine if you are what they are looking for. Hence, the way you structure the content is an integral part of your website design.

While the design process is the key to creating an appealing and efficient website, the speed by which your content can be consumed and understood determines whether a visitor would spend time on your website or not.

Consider the impression you want to make and the message you wish to communicate to your clients, keep it simple and engaging. Make sure you highlight the areas of your practice in which you outshine your competition.

Tip – Keep things simple, consider the most important content and images you want people to see and get rid of the extras.

Advanced Tip – Make use of Call to Actions (CTA’s) to draw visitors deeper into your site, but be mindful that too many CTA’s create confusion – placing them on your best practice areas might be a good idea.

Responsive, Unique and Easy to Navigate Design


Here’s the thing- there are thousands if not millions of “Generic and Boring LLP” websites and its thanks to such websites that as of today most lawyers and law firms believe that developing an online presence makes little to no sense as they generate no business.

Well, to generate business you need to engage your potential clients. I wouldn’t want to spend time on this website and nor would your potential clients. First impressions last make sure your design stands out from the crowd.

A quick and responsive website design with engaging content helps you showcase what makes you different from your competition, it improves your credibility as an expert legal source, makes it easier for people to trust your firm and above all improves how your website is ranked by search engines like Google.

Tip – Make sure your website design is compatible with mobiles devices such as phones, tablets etc.

Advanced Tip – Pay attention to your site load time

De-clutter your website

Sites with plenty of negatives (free) space are visually appealing, they make it easier for your visitors to navigate through the website, to process and take in information and also help you emphasize on what’s important on your website without overwhelming your audience.

Making it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for helps improve the overall user experience. This is specifically important for your homepage and your landing pages.

If these pages present copious amounts of information and are difficult to navigate through, the visitor is most likely going to return to Google and continue their search hoping for better results.

Tip – Add relevant contact information across all pages supported with CTA’s

Advanced Tip – Constantly seek feedback from all possible sources and optimize accordingly

Make sure you are discoverable online – Optimize for SEO

Many law firms have built generational legacies on referrals and expertise. Whilst this was the best practice in the past, the data clearly shows that’s no longer the case. 96% of people turn to Google to find answers to their legal problems and you would want to be there with an answer.


SEO is what keeps you in the limelight, helps you showcase your expertise on certain topics and develop credibility in your space.

Having a well-defined SEO strategy acts as a foundation to your brand building efforts. Aligning your website design and content with technical aspects of SEO will be a deciding factor on how easy it is for people to reach your website.

Tip – Constantly optimize your website based on user behavior. Make use of free tools such as Google analytics and Google search console to see what works and what doesn’t and optimize accordingly.

Advanced Tip – Make sure you run speed tests on all website pages where you make changes to ensure your changes have not affected the page load speed.

Showcase your law firm services and lawyer profiles

If I was to be a potential client who falls upon your website there are two things I would be concerned about: 1) does the firm offer the services that I am looking for and 2) the profile of the lawyers to ensure it would be a good fit.

For instance, if your specialization is property law, you need to make sure that there is enough information on the website to highlight the same. Your visitors need to know about your experience in the field.

In short, you need to make a compelling case for why your firm is the best choice for any potential client in your area of expertise.

Tip – If you are a mid-sized firm, you might want to focus on a few main services that define your firm and generate the most revenue

Advanced Tip – Highlight your NGO affiliations and/or the pro-bono work carried out by your law firm.

Digital footprint through PR

In today’s internet driven world, it’s more critical than ever to build an online presence and although a good website will definitely help, it’s just not enough. If you intend to position yourself as a brand, you will have to create one and the best way to do just that is using PR.


Speaking engagements, award functions, media exposure, press releases, your guest blog posts everything counts as long as the story is told in a compelling manner.

Make sure you have a designated space for your law firms’ PR activities. Simply put, there is nothing else that could possibly add more to your branding quotient than a carefully represented press release.

Tip – Become a contributor to blogs or other media outlets

Advanced Tip – Focus on establishing yourself as an industry expert, your cost for acquiring a new customer will decrease drastically whilst pushing up your revenue margins.

Get a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for your Website

SSL is standard security technology that encrypts data a user inputs into your website so that it can travel safely from their browser to your server.

It is really important to prevent your website from getting hacked. An SSL certificate will also help with your SEO efforts, Google has specifically stated that an SSL certificate is a trigger for their search ranking algorithm.

Tip – for your law firms’ website a standard SSL (DV) will work fine, there is no need for anything premium or expensive

Advanced Tip – you should not be paying more than INR 500/ year (~ $10/year) for your SSL in India.


Indian law firms are just realizing the importance of a comprehensive website design backed by an ongoing well-tailored SEO strategy and now is probably the best time to gear up your efforts towards building an online presence that can substitute your reliance on referrals and position your law firm for better opportunities in the future.

Have any questions about your website design? Would you like to revamp or create a brand new website? Reach out to us and get a website your clients will love.

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